Why is Your Website Loading So Slow?

In this modern era, websites are super-fast and effective. The fact is, it has become essential for the online businesses to maintain a fast and efficient website in order to drive a lot of traffic. When you click on the website’s link, hundreds of requests work at the backend to load the text and images […]
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Why Does SEO Take So Long?

Many frustrated business owners ask this question again and again. They complaining that they have been putting their all in achieving great SEO results for their website but the process is so long and time consuming. Yes, SEO is a time consuming process and you cannot say that when it will start working for you. […]

Why did Our PageRank Go Down?

Did you have great rankings for your website? Did your website was showing up everywhere in the search engines a few time ago? Did you enjoy a lot of traffic, sales, phones, and calls for your website? But then what happened? What le you’re the page ranking of your website so down? There are several […]

What is White Hat SEO?

White Hat SEO White Hat SEO promotes the tactics that do not violate the policies or terms conditions of search engines in order to gain high rankings. It is the completely opposite strategy of Black Hat SEO. It uses all those practices or strategies that help you in improving the search engine rankings without compromising the […]

What is the Value of Alexa Rank in SEO?

What is Alexa Rank? Alexa is basically a subsidiary company of that provides information about commercial web traffic data that is collected form users who have the Alexa extension or toolbar installed in their systems or devices. It is a free website analysis tool that provides information about Top Sites, Internet Traffic Stats and […]

What is SEM?

SEM is known as Search Engine Marketing and is an advanced form of marketing that is used to grow your business in a highly competitive online marketplace. Almost all the business today want their brands to be recognized online. That is why, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) has grown into a highly popular and widely spread […]

What is Keyword Stuffing in SEO?

Keyword stuffing is known as a bad search engine optimization technique where the page is loaded with tons of keywords just to gain unfair rank advantage in search engines. It is considered as spam indexing or web spam technique in which a large variety of keywords are embedded in the Meta tags, Meta descriptions, titles, […]

What is Gray Hat SEO?

Gray Hat SEO Gray Hat SEO is not something between White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. It is defined as the technique or practice that is still not clearly defined by the Google’s publishing material and that is why a large number of people disagree on how these practices support or contrast the published […]

What is CTR in Google Analytics?

What is CTR? CTR stands for Clickthrough Rate and defines the ratio of people who end up clicking in your ad that is usually displayed at the top of search engines. It determines how well your ads as well as your keywords are performing on different search engines. A high CTR rate identifies that a […]

What Is Bot In SEO?

Bots, spiders, or web crawlers are all same things and refer to the same idea. Basically, bot is used to crawl the web. It crawls web pages with the help pf a link in order to read and find out updated content so that it can decide what should be added to the index. The […]

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