What is the Value of Alexa Rank in SEO?

What is the Value of Alexa Rank in SEO?

What is Alexa Rank?
Alexa is basically a subsidiary company of Amazan.com that provides information about commercial web traffic data that is collected form users who have the Alexa extension or toolbar installed in their systems or devices. It is a free website analysis tool that provides information about Top Sites, Internet Traffic Stats and Metrics, Related Links, Online Reviews, and much more. The Alexa rank actually ranks down the websites in a sequence or an order based on their popularity.

How Alexa Rank works Alexa rank depends on two major things which are the page views and the total number of visitors. Alexa.com calculate your rank based on data that is accrued from the previous 3 months.
As this service is free of charge, you can use it by installing Alexa toolbar for your browser. You can easily view the rankings of your website with the help of it.
How Alexa is important for SEO While dealing with SEO, it is quite essential to note down the performance of your website and how it is being presented in various search engines. The Alexa rank plays a great role in having a good rank for your website as Google algorithms also takes into account the Alexa data while ranking the websites. Alexa is really a good tool for SEO as it also helps you in tracking down the rankings of your competitors too. You can easily know about how better your competitors are performing and where you need changes in your Seo strategy in order to excel the rankings of your competitors.

It is also effective for buying or selling certain website because the buyers or sellers can trace a close guess about the popularity and success of the website.

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