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The best explainer video animation company in Pakistan is based in Karachi, Pakistan. We do the best job of simply and entertainingly describing complicated concepts, ideas, projects, and procedures. No matter the industry, our team has years of expertise producing unique video animations for businesses of all sizes. With the help of our whiteboard animated film creation, we help your brand in embracing challenges.
Allow us to share with you something incredibly fascinating you can do to attract your audience. Your brand can successfully draw its audience toward attention that lasts with the use of our excellent whiteboard animation movies and a wonderful, captivating message. Our animation production department’s whiteboard video animation specialists are continually looking for novel ways to create animation. We assist you in getting the best inspiration for your brand by working with the top animated video company! So get ready to see your brand in the spotlight; we promise it will benefit both of us.

Who are we?

Invent, animate, and repeat

Our video animation company team works tirelessly to give your company’s name the recognition it deserves. Our ultimate aim is to make sure that your brand represents the competence it truly possesses. We stick by the promises we make. We pledge to work hard for you and wish you success. Do this now and move ahead every day.
The only reason we dominate the animation industry is because of our performance, which is a reflection of the quality and volume of work we have created globally. The best interests of our clients are guaranteed by the exceptional individuals on our team at Video Animation Company who are driven to take the initiative. Our business receives more than 65 percent of its growth from repeat clients.
We stick to our word and offer animation solutions that make your company stand out in this highly competitive industry. To gain market share, it is essential to include animated commercials and product demos given the rising need for online visual content. Even though there are much fish in the sea, it makes sure that your brand remains alive and emerges as a brand worth noticing.

Our specialty

We support work that represents us well. Outstanding individuals, we are aware, deserve great service. View a few of the animation production team’s works that we produced for people like you. They adored our animation services and work, let us tell you that much!
● Whiteboard animation
● Motion graphics
● 2d explainer
● Typography
● Logo animation

2D explainer

Never has explaining something been more fun! Check out our innovative approach to 2D explanation videos that will astound you!

Whiteboard animation

Our whiteboard animations provide you with much more than just talking figures—they include
characters that actually exist and typography that matters!
The purpose of motion graphics is to evoke a certain emotion in the viewer, and our motion
graphics go a little bit further than that.


Do you realize that the way your letters are shaped makes a huge impact on your videos?

Logo animation

Get a design for your company that speaks! We create animated logos that engage with your audience in a manner that none else can, literally!

Top video animation services that are visually appealing in Pakistan

Our video animation company specializes in many different kinds of animated videos, including explainer videos, motion graphics, typography, product animations, whiteboard animations, and more. With the help of our indulgent explainer videos, we have assisted numerous organizations, including startups and other large enterprises, in developing a strong online presence. The most effective marketing tool for companies to adequately convey their difficult ideas is one of our eye-catching animation videos.

Top video animation services- packages

Basic package

Text and image compilation

Startup package

Professional package

Best video animation company in Pakistan

Our video animation company creates fantastic storytelling films to express the information simply and effectively. Our animated video services can be used to market a product or service, clarify difficult ideas, make a statement, or tell a narrative. Our business is a hub of incredibly talented and skilled video animators who provide clients all around the world with top-notch video animation solutions. Our videos for companies are renowned for maximizing user engagement and enhancing brand recognition. We can be your helping hand in guiding your company to the pinnacle of success and helping it exceed the competition. We provide a wide range of animation services, such as stock animation, motion graphics, whiteboard animation, 3D video animation, and 2D video animation. Our staff handles every step of the animation process, from storyboarding to final production.

Streamlined standards and procedures in a structured process

The staff at our video animation company has years of experience and is fully capable of producing aesthetically stunning video animations that captivate our clients. We want to share our method with you in the interest of collaboration and transparency so that you are also aware of what we do while we work on your project. You will be able to see how our skilled team ensures that quality is poured into each stage of creating your animation through this streamlined procedure. Here is our magic formula; now, observe us at work!

Creative summary

With the thorough project brief, the key data—such as target audience, goals, client objectives, etc.—helps start the animation process.

Writing Scripts

We start working on your script after our initial conversation with you. We deliberate and give your brand message a lot of thought as we consider the best way to communicate it.


Our skilled animators and graphic designers will collaborate during the storyboard process to create a storyboard. You can truly see all of your ideas come to life in this storyboard, which will serve as the foundation for your final video.


The video animation company staff only collaborates with the most seasoned, talented voice actors. We now choose an appropriate voice actor for your video and add music and sound effects to give your animation a more ominous aural quality. The magic is now beginning to work.

Animation and special effects

That’s not where our process ends, though. The post-production stage is currently ongoing, during which we carefully edit and assess your animation to ensure that it is finished and ready to use. In the next step, You should next present your video to your audiences and “wow” them.

Completed and delivered

Our animators provide meticulous editing and animated videos review in post-production, making adjustments in accordance with the client’s comments on each project. After that, the client receives the final video in the format they requested.

Being the top video animation company

Our video animation company has honed and mastered the craft of using animation to communicate a story visually. We recognize that the success of your film depends on strong storytelling that is woven into imaginative screenplay writing, beautiful images, and appropriate animation. Animated explainer films lengthen users’ time on your site by more than 50% and raise conversion rates by up to 80%. In addition to explainer videos, our animation videos help sales teams, marketing divisions, and communication specialists function better. We have produced effective video material for small businesses, major corporations, governments, and non-profits as a leading video production company. We are prepared to help you achieve your objectives, whether they be to advertise your company or product, explain a difficult concept, or start telling an engaging tale

Why should you choose our video animation company?

Enhancing user engagement

appealing images and scripts in their videos. We take the most important aspects of your message and distill them into a format that increases user interaction.

Higher conversion rates

Businesses may offer the value proposition and rapidly describe their services via an explanation. An enhanced conversion rate results from this.

Better search results

Interactive videos hold the attention of the audience, which increases the time spent on the website and raises the website’s search engine rankings.

Increased brand recognition

According to studies, audiences are more likely to remember information from videos than from
any other informational source. Consequently, it raises brand recognition

Tell engaging stories

You may express your tales in an engaging way and leave a lasting effect on your audience by using animated videos. For businesses, animated videos produce measurable outcomes.

Make a buzz on social media

The target audience will be more attentive if an animated video is used to generate buzz on social media. Additionally, these platforms enable the sharing of videos.

Why work with our video animation company as a partner?

Tried-and-true production method

We have created hundreds of videos over the course of more than 12 years, honing the craft of video storytelling. We’ve developed a faultless process that includes creating the video screenplay, storyboarding, illustration, animation, voicing, and delivery. Your feedback is gathered at every stage of production as part of our collaborative video creation process, which keeps you informed.

Devoted and results-oriented group

As a video animation company, we strive to produce result-driven video content. We, therefore, take the time to comprehend your company or idea, as well as your goal and target market. When all the pieces come together, video content that gets results is produced.
affordable and excellent vids
Our video animation company team always delivers high-quality video content to your audience while saving money with our cost-effective price alternatives. You will be actively involved at every stage thanks to our collaborative approach

Tell an entertaining story

Make amazing narrative videos for your audience by making them simple to grasp. Use animated videos to create sincere tales that set you apart from the competition. With animated videos that are interesting and provide measurable results, you can draw in your audience and increase brand awareness.
We’ve produced hundreds of explainer videos for corporations and nonprofits in the healthcare, startup, financial, SaaS, and other areas as one of the top explainer video companies. We’re prepared to assist you in using video material to benefit both you and your company.

Deliver high-quality video content

We deliver high-quality content to customers or target audiences by using animated or
live-action videos. Make this happen by using an explainer video creation firm like Creamy.

We’ve produced hundreds of explainer videos for corporations and nonprofits in the healthcare, startup, financial, SaaS, and other areas as one of the top explainer video companies. We’re prepared to assist you in using video material to benefit both you and your company.

How Animated Video Content Can Benefit You?

Activate clients

Using our tried-and-true video-producing techniques, engage your audience. We can assist you in identifying the key points of your message and in creating an engaging video script. You can accomplish your intended objectives by using imaginative images and animation. Your final video will be able to enthrall viewers and emotionally connect with them.

Increase conversion rates

According to studies on video marketing, using a video on your landing page can increase website conversions by up to 80%. Visitors spend more time on your website when it has a landing page video rather to just text and images. You may quickly convey your business model and explain what you do with a 60-second explainer video

Video animation services

Generate value-added

By producing product demo videos, you may deliver material that improves the value of your business. You add value to your providing when you assist clients in finding the answers to inquiries about how they can use your product in an efficient manner. Additionally, you can inform your customers about relevant subjects and give them information and awareness about problems pertaining to your sector.

Video consultation to start

Our consultations are complimentary for you and a pleasure for us, so yes. We first take the time to get to know you, learn about what you do, who your target audience is, and why you want to make a film. For each project, we create a set of objectives and assign acceptable deadlines. We offer insight into what we believe to be the best way to help you in producing video material that will produce excellent outcomes based on our experience. We talk about production expenses and offer a price for your project. We advance to the following step as soon as the timetables, budget, and vision coincide. The project is launched after we sign a contract and receive the down payment.


A fantastic video is just as effective as the narrative and script that drive it. The script is the most crucial step since it establishes the general course of the film. Once the concept is established, we begin writing an engaging explainer video screenplay that engages your audience and prompts the desired response. We do recognize that some people prefer to write their own scripts, which is also OK. We advise giving the topic and letting our script writers handle the heavy lifting unless you have prior experience writing a video script for the animation. After that, we provide a rough copy of the script and ask for your input to make sure we’re headed in the correct way. We revise the script depending on your feedback until it is ready to be used.

Storyboard design

A series of sketches with speech and action comments are arranged scene by scene on a storyboard. The storyboard reveals how we envision telling the story in the future. The storyboard gives you a visual representation of the finished video, just like when a movie is being made. Based on your comments and our suggestions, it can be changed and polished until we believe the story’s arc is ideal. Given that the graphics are simply rough sketches of the finished video, they aren’t exactly perfect. See an example of a storyboard sketch in this video case study. After receiving approval, we produce style frames and complete illustrations that are ready for animation.

What do we do, who we are, and why?

Since 2011 we have produced 1500+ videos and provided services to 300+ clients We are a company that creates animated videos for use in corporate communications and at every level of your sales process. We are a small group of talented individuals who are passionate about what we do. We’ve spent a lot of time over the years creating compelling videos that share motivational tales about various products, services, and other topics. Contact us by phone or email; we’d be happy to speak with you.

Our vision, our mission

Our focus is on results

Each morning, we eagerly look forward to meeting new people and assisting in the resolution of brand-new issues. Results are what drive us, and we strive to develop content strategies that produce positive returns on investment.

You have a narrative to share

Everyone, in our opinion, has a story to share. Whether your tale is humorous or not so thrilling, we can help you discover the bright spot that illuminates it so you can use film to share it. We make care to send you in the appropriate route if we’re not the ideal fit.

We love what we do

The pleasure of at last viewing a story come to life. A narrative that demonstrates the sincerity, complexity, and worth of your work. We love the stories we tell and tell them because we love them. We’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with these incredible businesses.

Why pick us?

Our top priority is you, and we make sure that all of your demands are met right away. Here are a few things that set us apart from our rivals to get you going.

The best internal team

We are unmatched because of our internal team of designers, animators, engineers, and inventors as well as our group of top-notch voice talent. Our USP is the skill and togetherness of our staff.

Fastest TAT

Our experience acts as a weapon to guarantee organized and on-time deliveries. We are committed to reducing defects and working toward improvement. Over time, this has enabled us to become more effective.

Value for money

Our clients are guaranteed to receive the best value for their money together with full pleasure thanks to our amazing team in action, prompt TAT, and quality-assuring procedure!

We guarantee results

According to studies, audiences are more likely to remember information from videos than from any other informational source. Consequently, it raises brand recognition

Tell engaging stories

When we state that we deliver animated videos of the highest caliber, we mean it. These videos speed up the spread of your brand. Your satisfaction will be increased by the fact that our clients have experienced overall sales increases of up to 300 percent!


We at our Video animation companyare aware of the difficulty in selecting a video production firm for your animation requirements. There are a huge variety of businesses in the area. We are aware of how crucial it is to deal with a business that is professional, provides high-quality work, is adaptable, and economical. Do you believe that your product or service is not understood by anyone? Are you attempting to convert a younger generation to the principles of your business? It is crucial that the animated explainer video production firm you choose is aware of the message you want to convey. Look no further than Animation Explainers for the procedure. For the past two years, we have worked with hundreds of businesses. across a wide range of sectors, including real estate, software as a service, finance, forex, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, insurance, and medical devices. Our in-house creative team puts a lot of effort into comprehending your message and turning it into a beautiful animated video. This is why our video animation company is the best video animation company that stands out from the competition. really good value We offer an even higher quality animated explainer film and complete service for far lower prices than the market leaders. A collaborative strategy. You can get in touch with our top video animation company creative team at any point during the video production process. We can talk over the phone, on Skype, or through email! You can contact us by clicking a button. Just prices. The duration of the video and the complexity of the project serves as the foundation for our pricing. This means that our creative team will thoroughly evaluate your project and assign a cost that is appropriate to its requirements. quick turnaround All of our projects have quick turnaround times for you. We omit the phases that are not necessary from the approach offered by other animated explainer video businesses. Our crew gets right to the task at hand and completes it quickly and professionally.

The duration of the video and the nature of the task serves as the foundation for our pricing.
This means that our creative team will thoroughly evaluate your project and assign a cost to it.
We’ve conducted significant research to determine the cost of an animated explainer video in
comparison to our rivals in Pakistan. We believe we provide the greatest value available on the
market. Check out our portfolio to verify for yourself that even though our prices are far lower
than some of the outrageous standard requirements, the quality of our work is higher than most
of our competitors.

Our method reveals a special way to convey simplicity, usability, and successful communication.
Utilizing our client’s own branded material, we bridge a communication gap. Then, remix it with
animation, a distinctive voiceover, and top-notch music to properly convey each message!
To gather all criteria, we have a research call together. We’ll discuss the requirements of your
company and whether we can help you with your marketing objectives. Next, based on your
specifications and the intended duration of the video, we’ll work with you to produce a unique
narrative or storyboard. To ensure that branding is consistent throughout our video, you can
drop all of your logos, graphics, and PowerPoint documents into our project file.
Following that, we will record your custom voiceover. Following that, we will record your custom
voiceover. We always use the most advanced recording technology and have a large collection
of languages and dialects available to suit your project’s needs. We also get all of our FX and
background music from This is our go-to collection of excellent music by independent
musicians from around the world.
The magic happens in the fifth step, animation. We use gorgeous animated characters and
transitions to communicate your company’s concepts and message. If you don’t trust us, take a
look at our portfolio! After the animation process, we keep in touch with you using our “Project
Delivery & Revisions Document,” where you are given one round of revisions to make any
necessary corrections.
We can begin work on the final edit after you send us the revised document back. An encrypted
mega link to your completed video will be sent to you via email. Then you may use it wherever
you’d want, whether that’s Linkedin, YouTube, or a landing page on your own website.
Call us right away to learn more by setting up a Calendly appointment.

To ensure that every film is of the highest caliber, we include one round of edits in each of our
programs. After the initial round, all further modifications will cost extra. When you schedule a
call with us, we can talk about this in greater detail.

We’ve found that explainer video content performs best when it’s 60 seconds long. It offers the
audience just enough time to grasp your point without letting them become disinterested in your
offering. The total duration of our products ranges from 30 to 90 seconds. Your video should be
brief enough that viewers will spot your call to action at the end and have just enough
information to convey the message you want to get across.

Your business explainer video can be shared in a variety of online and offline settings.
Visitors to this page will quickly and easily understand from your video what your product or
service accomplishes. You can use your brand-new, gleaming explainer film in a variety of
settings. such as a FAQ area on your company website, social media, email marketing, and
email signature. Even on billboards in airports, in common areas of universities, and on LED
televisions in offices. The list truly goes on forever!

Almost any accent you can imagine is available from us. We deal with a great group of people
who can meet your voicing and tonal needs on a daily basis. Irish men to American women,
British men to Australian women.
Your voiceover will be exceptionally high quality and crystal clear. Additionally, we provide a
background soundtrack that you can select while we are gathering your requirements from the
art list.

Our procedure is very concise and simple to follow. Initially, we’ll create your script based on the
responses you provide to this survey.
Next, we’ll draw a rough storyboard of every frame in your video.
Following that, based on the video style you select, we will construct all of the illustrated frames.
Then, with the animation, voiceover, music, and sound effects, we’ll create the finished video.

Your video is produced in three to four weeks. How long it takes depends on three factors: ● How long is your video? ● How many changes do you ask for at each stage of the procedure (we offer unlimited) ● How quickly will you respond regarding the adjustments that you want us to handle? We offer a Rush Service option where we may produce your film in as little as 7 working days if you need it in less than 3 weeks. However, in order for us to finish your video within 7 business days, we will need to skip the storyboard stage of our production process. Furthermore, you are only allowed one round of revisions for the illustrations and one round for the completed video, and you must respond to our requests for changes on the same day.

To watch our 1,500+ video portfolio and get a sense of the caliber of our work, click here.
Our best videos are included in this album. To see what other customers have to say, see our
reviews. We also offer UNLIMITED revisions at every step. Therefore, we won’t go to the next
stage until you are completely satisfied.

We provide two payment methods: Option 1: Get a 10% discount by paying in full upfront. Option 1: 50% upfront and 50% when the video is finished You can make payments using Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover.
Our payment processes are simple, secure, and open. Secure payment channels like PayPal and are accepted by us. Additionally, wire transfers are accepted. When you receive our invoice, you can select your mode of payment and carry out the transaction.

Yes, our top video animation company can create ANY type of animation you desire. We can
create anything you’ve seen!

At every stage, you are given UNLIMITED modifications. We don’t move on to the next phase of the process until you are completely satisfied. No additional or secret costs

Yes, you will be able to select voice actors with ANY accent or language

Absolutely. Simply tell us how many films you want to make and how long each one will be, and
we’ll provide you with a competitive quotation.

For our clients, we at our video animation company make interesting movies. To meet the needs
of our clients, the complete video content was produced and personalized. Our staff specializes
in creating high-quality videos, whether you need a corporate video to increase brand
awareness or a product demo to advertise your services. We work with you to build any kind of
video from the beginning. Our method encompasses a number of precise animation and
production steps, from idea generation to final delivery.
Here is a basic description of our process:
● Recognizing your marketing and business goals
● Creation of a script and a story
● Storyboard
● Voiceover
● Illustration
● Animation
● Delivery

The top animators, writers, and voice actors collaborate with our video animation company.
There are no set fees for each movie because the requirements of each company vary. The
type of video you require, the type of animation, and the amount of personnel required to
provide the best outcomes for your project will all affect your video production expenses.
Be prepared to spend at least $5,000 on a one-minute explainer film if you’re seeking for a
high-quality video. Our mission is to help you use video to the fullest extent feasible in order to
maximise the return on your investment. On this page, you can look at our price list.
If you would like a quick customised quote with correct prices, please contact our client success

An efficient explainer film requires a large team of artists and creatives, and it takes time to
produce one. On every project, a committed group of writers, accomplished visual artists, and
animators collaborate. The group consists of:
Story Lead Artist, Storyboard Artist ,Voiceover Artist Illustrator, Animator, Sound Designer
In the event that a live action video is needed, we also work with qualified models.

A standard explainer video should last at least 60 seconds, and for more complex subjects, 90
to 120 seconds. The precise length will vary depending on a number of factors because every
client and topic is unique.

Once a video is finished, you own all copyrights to it and are free to use it however you see fit

You can get in touch with our video animation company by filling out this form, and we’ll offer a
free consultation and learn more about your project. After we agree on the price and the terms
of delivery, we’ll provide you a quick quote and form an agreement to move forward.

Our video animation company takes great pride in producing interesting material for all phases of the purchasing process. We provide premium content, such as animated films, explainer videos, and instructive videos, to help you meet your business goals. The following video categories are available. You can also get in touch with us so that we can assist you in determining the best kind of video for your company’s requirements. ● In-depth Videos ● Product Displays ● Corporate Videos, Tutorials, and Training Videos ● Cartoon Stories ● Startup Videos, Sales Videos and the list goes on and on.

A landing page with solely static visuals and text seems uninteresting and frequently fails to
generate any engagement. Character animations in especially animated videos will increase
your landing page conversions. Animation using motion graphics is ideal for presenting data in
the form of graphs, figures, and statistics. This is a terrific way to reduce complex material in
explainer videos so that viewers can understand and remember it.
Whiteboard animation: Whiteboard animation is a simple way to clarify difficult concepts.
Although this kind of film is effective for businesses, non-profit organisations favour the idea
Live Action & Mixed: We also produce live action and mixed videos if you think that animation
alone will not be enough for your video marketing campaign. These videos look professional
because they combine live footage with motion graphics. However, because live videos require
a production staff and professional performers, the cost to produce one is much higher. Do you
require a special creation? We’ll make you a tuna sandwich if you throw us in with the sharks.

Our video animation company don’t use royalty-free pre-made characters or stock graphics.
Every character is unique and created to meet the needs and requirements of our customers.
For the level of quality we offer, we offer some of the most competitive prices on the market.

Absolutely! On our testimonials area, we are more than happy to share feedback and
recommendations from our satisfied customers. We can arrange for direct references if you
need them from clients we’ve worked with.

● Increase brand awareness
● Deliver complicated messages in an entertaining manner.
● Make your lesser-known products known.
● Engage audience
● Increase your subscriber count to expand your mailing list.

For clients from all across the world, Video Explainers have produced more than 1500 films. We
have collaborated with a number of well-known brands, including Johnson & Johnson’s, HP,
Coca-Cola, and others. We value our customers much, thus we always do our best to meet their
needs when delivering to them. We put in a lot of effort to create videos that help our clients
produce outstanding products, like Johnson & Johnson’s, which finally led to them receiving a
25 percent boost in output from our explainer video.

The average delivery timelines and activities for each stage of our production process are
described below: 1-2 business days after your interview with our script writer, the script will be
written. If changes are necessary, our script writer will receive them and deliver them to you
within one business day. When you approve the voice over for the storyboard, it will take 2 to 5
business days to complete. 2–10 business days for animation after storyboard approval for an
animated video. or 5-15 business days for a largely 3D animation production from the time you
finalize the story board.
Professional voice over production takes 1-2 business days once you approve the screenplay
and voice actor. Any of the aforementioned revisions take 1-3+ business days. The timings
above are based on a typical 90-second 2D animated video with a “average” degree of
Complex animations, on-location filming, and longer business video productions can all
lengthen the process. To allow us to work with your timetable and organise our animation and
production team properly, please let us know about any project deadlines from the beginning.

Two things frequently result in considerable delays and have an impact on production
schedules. The duration of time that our customers may take to provide feedback during the
production process (script, voice over, story board, early animation review and the finished
product). Feedback is given right away for some of our clients who just have one person in
charge of making decisions (such as early stage start-ups or independent business owners).
Sign-offs may take longer for other clients because there are more decision-makers involved
(marketing, executives, peers, and legal) (often weeks). The greatest variation in delivery times
is caused by how quickly each stage can be completed. How many changes were requested at
each step of production. A final version takes longer to produce the more adjustments that are
requested. Clients often make 0–1 script revisions, 0–2 story board revisions, and 0–1
animation revisions. At each stage, some clients do ask for two modifications.
We will work with you throughout the process in order to ensure that you are entirely delighted
with the final video. Any requests that can cause the project to be delayed or cost more will be
made known to you.

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