What is Keyword Stuffing in SEO?

What is Keyword Stuffing in SEO?

Keyword stuffing is known as a bad search engine optimization technique where the page is loaded with tons of keywords just to gain unfair rank advantage in search engines. It is considered as spam indexing or web spam technique in which a large variety of keywords are embedded in the Meta tags, Meta descriptions, titles, and the content. When you keep using Keyword stuffing in every content of your website, Google as well as other search engines ban or penalize your website temporarily or permanently depending on the warning.
Today, search engines have devised algorithms to identify keyword stuffing in order to reduce the unfair and illegal advantage of enjoying the top-notch position in the search engines. There are several cases in which search engines have banned the website for overusing keywords in their content.

How to avoid Keyword Stuffing Keyword stuffing has now categorizes as a black hat trick. Yes, it may provide some short term benefits but this trick is like playing with fire that is not at all beneficial for your business in the long run.
In order to insert keyword safely in your content, you should consider the right keyword using tips. Here are some good tips for using keywords effectively:
1. Usually the 2 to 5% keyword density is considered as good and safe in the article.
2. Do not use the same keywords a lot of times in your article rather try some long tail keywords that hold the same meaning but add variation to the keyword list of your content.

3. Try to use the synonyms of the keywords in the article so that the blog post can seem informative and rich.
4. While using the keywords, make sure to write the content that is relevant with the keywords.

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