Why Every Business Needs to Build Citations

Why Every Business Needs to Build Citations

Why Every Business Needs to Build Citations

What are Citations?

A citation is like an online reference that is used for your business name, phone number, and address. They perform the same job as backlinks do for your website. Same like backlinks, Google uses them to evaluate the online domain authority of your website. But, unlike backlinks, the citations are not necessarily needed to be linked to your website in order to get considered by the Google.

If you want citations (NAP) to help you in local SEO, it is important that they should match the name, address, and phone of your website as well as your Google My Business Page. It is not important to pick some specific format for your citations but once you choose the certain format, you should stick by it and use the same format whenever you are listing down your citations. Beyond reviews and links, citations are considered as the important factor while Google is deciding the order in which it should rank the businesses for local search results.

How Citations Help You in Local Search Results

Citations provide a lot of benefits to your website and help it to gain higher rankings in local search results. Let’s have a look at the advantages of the citation below:

  1. It helps in faster indexing

With the help of citations, search engine bots discover several other links of your website and thus get a way to reach and visit your website effectively. For the newly established, website, it is a great way to create influence as it helps Google in reaching to your website.


  1. It provides referral traffic

One of the major advantages of using citations is that it helps you in getting a lot of referral traffic to your website. A referral traffic is usually targeted and contains a low bounce rate.



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