What is Website Bandwidth…

What is Website Bandwidth…

What is Website Bandwidth?
What is Bandwidth?
Bandwidth can be described as the level of traffic as well as the amount of data that can be transferred between your website, the internet, and the users. When you compare hosting plans, bandwidth along with storage space becomes much more important to consider. Bandwidth requires appropriate calculation and flexibility, unlike the storage space that can be controlled by deleting the unnecessary content. You don’t want to pay for more than you need, but you also don’t want to turn customers away or deal with the sometimes significant penalties for going over your allotted amount.
Here are the points listed down through which you can calculate the bandwidth capacity of your website:
Estimate the average page size of your site, in kilobytes. If you don’t know, use online Load Time test on a few pages and take the average. How to Calculate the Bandwidth Capacity of Your Website
Multiply this value by the monthly average number of visitors.
Multiply the result that you get from the above step by the average number of page views per visitor.
Which Factors Affect the Bandwidth of Your Website?
Here are some factors listed down that highly affect the bandwidth of your website. Let’s have a look at them:
Changes in Layout
When you change the layout of your website, it may increase your page’s size and can lead to the usage of more bandwidth.

Traffic Increase
When you get unexpected traffic increase in your website, it can double the usage of bandwidth in a single month.

Space to Grow
The number of page views increases when you add more pages to your website especially the ones that include search engine spiders. Thus, for creating more domains, it is usually convenient to use your existing account as compared to creating a new one.

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