What is Rich Snippet?

What is Rich Snippet?

What is Rich Snippet?

The rich snippet is a term that refers to structured data markup that is used by the site operations in the HTML of their pages. This feature is used to let search engines understand what kind of information some particular page contains. But now, search engines have made a really good advancement and they use this markup to provide richer search results that enable users to find the information most easily that they are looking for.

In normal cases, the things present on search engine result pages include the title of the site, its URL, and the Meta description that a site writes for its pages. But, when rich snippets are displayed in the search engines, they provide some extra information about the particular link describing if it is a review, product, person, business, or something else.

What are the Types of Rich Snippets Search Engines Recognize?

There is some particular type of content and markup specifications that is recognized by the search engines currently:

  1. Microdata
  2. Microformats
  3. RDFa

What Kind of Content Rich Snippet Supports

Rich snippets can be used in the following type of contents:

  1. Reviews

It supports bit the individual and aggregated reviews with their different properties.


  1. Products

It helps in letting users know about the ratings and satisfaction rate of the products using the stars under the URL of websites in the search engine result pages. Thus, users do not have to open up the link in order to know about the success of the product.


  1. People

It provides richer information about the profiles of well-known people. Sometimes, it lists down the LinkedIn profiles of the people when users make a query of getting data about the history of some particular person.


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