What is CRO in Digital Marketing?

What is CRO in Digital Marketing?

What is CRO in Digital Marketing?

What is CRO?

CRO stands for Conversion Rate Optimization and it is a system that is used to increase the conversion rate of your website. In simpler words, this system is designed to turn more percentage of the visitors of your website into customers in order to boost up the sales process of your business.

How CRO Works?

Approximately 59% of the company respondents believe that CRO is essential for their marketing strategy. If you are having a lot of visitors on your website and if your websites if performing excellently in search engines but if the visitors are not turning to customers than it shows that your business objective is not getting fulfilled. Businesses optimize their websites because they want to target the right number of audience in order to boost up their profit.

Remember that a conversion is not always the successful purchase. It also includes the successful completion of some action of your website like sign up, subscription, app download, or completing a survey.

Thus, CRO is a metric that is designed to calculate the total number of visitors who are landing on your website and are successfully completing certain process. It helps you in identifying all the factors that are playing well for your website as well as the ones that need some improvement.

How to Have High Conversion Rate

  1. Set feasible targets

While running the campaign, make sure to set certain targets that you have to achieve after an interval of time so that you can measure the success of campaign.


  1. Optimize your landing pages

Design your landing pages in an optimized way so that the visitor can get attracted towards it.


  1. Re-sell yourself

Keep on selling your products or services with new and effective keywords that can keep your customers intact.



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