What is Better Permanent Linking Structure.

What is Better Permanent Linking Structure.

What is Better Permanent Linking Structure?
What is Permanent Linking?
Permanent Linking also was known as Permalink is a friendly URL that makes it easy for the users or visitors to type it or remember it in order to access certain website or blog. It is basically a web address that is easy to read and includes words that describe the content of the webpage.
Permalinks that are friendly basically help visitors to remember them easily. In addition, they help in describing the page to search engines. A good Permanent Linking Structure can help greatly in the indexation process of your website, but, unfortunately, there are plenty of websites that use incorrect and no SEO friendly Permanent Linking Structure. When you come up with a permalink that is not easy to read or remember, it drops down your traffic rate thus creating problems for your SEO strategy.
How to Create a Better Permanent Linking Structure
We have listed down a few ways of optimizing anchor that you can use for the content of your website too. Let’s discuss them:
Use keywords
If you want the permalinks to successfully work in your favor, it is important for you to select the ones that are relevant to the content you’ve placed them in. The more relevant your permalink is to your target keyword, the better your rank will be.

Pick the relevant words
If you are unable to create a compelling permalink, even the most interesting and comprehensive blog post will go unread. Permalinks are the most important part of your content so try to use the relevant words in the URL.

Keep it precise
A short and precise permalink holds the potential to catch the immediate attention of the user. Thus, do not go for long and unattractive permalinks but try to keep them short by omitting all the unnecessary words.

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