What is a No Follow Link?

What is a No Follow Link?

What is a No Follow Link?

NoFollow Link

NoFollow basically refers to HTML attribute value which is used for the purpose of instructing search engines bots that a particular hyperlink will never influence the ranking of link target in the search engine’s index. That means if the website owner is linking back to you with NoFollow attributes, it does not pass on link juice. These links are used to avoid spammers from entering your site and taking benefit of your links. Google does not transfer page rank or anchor text across these links. Besides that, using NoFollow causes Google to drop the target links from our overall graph of the web.

What are the Types of NoFollow Link?

There are two types of NoFollow Link. They are:

  1. Robots Meta Tag

This tells bots not to follow links on the full page.


  1. Link Attribute

This tells search engines not to count the link in terms of ranking pages.

Different Opinions on NoFollow Links

Many SEOs and consultants believe that disavowing a link will simply turn it into a NoFollow. This would imply that there is no point in disavowing a NoFollow link. There is long and ongoing debate on whether we should NoFollow the link or not. Many SEO specialist say that NoFollow links have their own advantage when it comes to infographics. When we use Infographics in our content, they can also be abused, in a way that embeds might contain links to third-party sites that are not appropriately describing the source content.

But, on the safer side, you should remove all of that NoFollow links that seem scammy to you. Only the fact that they are NoFollow links, does not make them risk-free.


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