What is a Backlink?

What is a Backlink?

Backlink is one of the most used world in the world of SEO. Websites struggle to get more and more backlinks so that they can rank well as well as get more and more traffic.
Backlink refers to the link that one website gets from another. All of the incoming links to a webpage are known as backlinks. In the past few years, backlink was considered as the top metric for ranking the websites in all search engines including Google. A web page with a lot of backlinks used to rank higher. This concept of backlink still true but now there are certain others factors that also effect the ranking strategy of search engines.
What are the benefits of Backlinks?
Backlinks helps your website in a variety of ways. Let’s discuss some of the major advantages of backlinks:
1. It improves organic ranking Backlinks help you in getting better search engines rankings. If your content is gaining traffic form other websites, it will naturally rank higher in search engines.
2. It helps in faster indexing
With the help of backlinks, search engine bots discover several other links of your website and thus get a way to reach and visit your website effectively. For the newly established, website, it is a great way to create backlinks as it helps Google in reaching to your website.
3. It provides referral traffic
One the major advantage of using backlinks is that it helps you in getting a lot of referral traffic to your website. A referral traffic is usually targeted and contains low bounce rate.

How You Can Get Backlinks
If you desire to get good backlinks for your website, try to follow the following tips:
1. Write top quality and informative content

2. Use link building method
3. Post cornerstone articles
4. Start commenting on several top rated websites
5. Submit links to web directories

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