Top Google Analytics Features.

Top Google Analytics Features.

Top Google Analytics Features
Google Web Analytics is playing a great role in the field of Search Engine Optimization. It majorly helps you to analyze your user’s experience after he has visited your website. According to your user’s experience, you can make certain changes in your website in order to improve the service and experience for the next users. It is a free tool that you can use to track down you your website is performing and interacting with the visitors.
Google Web Analytics provide you clear and useful insight about the page views in your website, individual time spend in your website, when a person left your website and many more. It allows you to determine the results of individual campaigns in real-time in addition to comparing the data of previous time for analyzing the success.
Top Features of Google Analytics
Google Analytics is a highly useful tool that is equipped with tons of amazing features. Every feature greatly serves its purpose and meet the user’s demands in the best way possible. Let’s discuss some popular features of Google Analytics below:
Ecommerce Tracking
If you want to get all the information about the source from where your potential customers are coming from, this master feature of Google Analytics helps you in tracking down all the details. You can use this feature to know about the beneficial sources of profit for your company.

By using this feature, you can set some healthy goals for your website and can track down their progress with the passage of time. In order to benefit from this tool, you must be very clear about the aspect that you are declaring as a “goal”.

AdWords has emerged as a great money making tool for businesses. Many companies use this tool to run successful marketing campaigns for their products or services.

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