The importance of keeping your content fresh and interesting in 2020

The importance of keeping your content fresh and interesting in 2020

While 2020 is a few months away, you must be thinking that you’re ready for search engine optimization. But actually, you don’t even have an idea about the SEO trends of 2020.

Every SEO expert should grab all the strategies that might emerge in 2020. If you are an expert yourself, or you know a professional, then you should do the right deed by sending them here.

However, we all know that Google continually updates its algorithm. But, with the change of year, the algorithm also changes ALOT!

Content writing is the root of search engine optimization. Without quality and SEO friendly content on your site, you can not rank on Google. Plus, the crawlers of google look for unique and readable content. That’s obvious, but the next most crucial thing is to know the trends of content writing. When you do something, then you should have proper knowledge of that particular subject.

Why do we say content is king

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you must have heard this phrase. Every SEO expert believes in it, and there’s a reason for that.

SEO is a kingdom for which content writing is the conquerer.  

Note that, here content stands for high-quality, readable, unique, and substance-packed. Other than that, you have to make your content SEO-friendly, too. This balance transforms a writer into an expert. If you don’t know about the balance, then content writing is not your thing. However, you don’t have to worry about it. We have written this for you to write content in a way which satisfies your readers and also google’s ranking standards.

We will tell you how the google ranking standards will update in 2020 and how you can conquer the game!

Strong strategy game

Before starting to write content, you have to create a proper plan. There are two main aspects of google friendly content writing; keyword research, and competitor analysis.

To create quality content, you have to spy on your competitors. You should see the keywords they are targetting, the amount of content they write, and their target audience. Also, you should analyze their writing style and see which of their topic ranks the most. You should also take a lesson from their blunders and make sure to don’t repeat them. There are several tools for competitor research such as spyfu, semrush, etc. But the best research happens manually.

For keyword research, the SEO strategy is to search for high volume keywords with low difficulty and CPC. The study may sound confusing, but you can take the assistance of tools such as keywords everywhere, ahref, etc.

Persuasive keywords

With using the keywords rightly, you have to look for the exact keywords, too. Keyword research and use of keywords are two crucial things. Balancing is an essential part of SEO. Google hates keyword stuffing, so make sure your content is not spammy.

Attractive writing style

The most interesting writing style is where the writer starts his writing with a conclusion. Nowadays, readers don’t have enough time, so you should begin your content with the conclusion. In your content, the most important part should be in the starting. Plus, the most crucial things, you should include questions in your writing. To emphasize, your writing should have answers to the questions what, when, who, how. Hence, applying this tip will reduce the bounce rate on your website. Remember that your content doesn’t need to be lengthy to engage readers. Quality matters more than quantity. 

Analyze the audience

First, you have to maintain a balance between your audience and google. If you want to convert your audience into leads, then you have to take care of your interests, too. Google’s algorithms keep changing time to time. Plus, if you analyze your target audience appropriately, you’ll have more organic traffic. The audience depends upon the type of business you own. You have to identify the age, interest, region, and language of your readers. If you want to engage the audience and reduce your bounce rate, the best thing you should do is to speak the language of your readers.


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Authenticity and accuracy

To rank on #1 on Google, you have to keep a balance between all substances. If your content is misleading, then there is no point of ranking. You should have accuracy and expertise in your content. In 2020, there are few things you should update on your website to develop the trust of Google and your audience. Firstly, you should have a proper description of your business on your website. Also, you should mention contact number, address, and email on your contact us page. These things will make your website official.

Can I rank now?

SEO content writing is a useful and challenging tactic. But, when you get to know this, you will boost quickly. At TopSeo, we bring you all updated tools and logs for SEO with competent keywords that make your search engine visibility at the top. Moreover, social media marketing strategies help you to have an overall better performance. TopSeo is a Result-Driven SEO Service High-rank keywords our services reward latest SEO Strategies Social Media Marketing.

Before the starting of 2020, we are grabbing all the useful tactics related to content writing and SEO. The farsightedness distinguishes us from our competitors.

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