Steps to Generate More Search Traffic Using Voice Search

Steps to Generate More Search Traffic Using Voice Search

As technology is expanding day by day, everything is made easier for you as now the internet is not at your fingertips but is at the tip of your tongue. Instead of typing people use voice control that is proven to be three times faster than manual typing because of the reason that not only it is a faster way of finding your search results but also much easier. If you have a website you should make sure that it works at voice search as well and for those who wish to stay on top of Google must consider these facts that technology is evolving and they must be prepared for anything.

Here are some steps that will assist you to generate more traffic using voice search


Step #1:

The first step is to make sure that whether or not your website is compatible with https framework, if the site is https friendly its more likely to come up on voice search, as the research has found that 60% of the searches are from sites that have https and in order to make a site compatible it is essential to buy a license for it which helps in security purposes as well.


Step #2:

The second and most important step of them all is to build a domain with authority, which means is that you should be authority in between your niche and the best way to do that is inserting a lot of links, strong contents, social share and good user experience and if you don’t have these things you can always improve them by making your design better, putting better and as many contents as possible. The key point in this matter is to be the leader if you are not that nothing would work for you.


Step #3:

If you wish to generate more traffic using voice search you should be aware that your website loads fast, it needs to be precisely 4.6 seconds or even faster that is almost 50% faster than the average webpage because if your website loads fast then your most likely to get voice search but if not than the traffic will be decreased. In order to know your web[age speed go to web speed and enter your website, this will determine how fast or slow your page is loading.

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