Sign up to Google Search Console

Sign up to Google Search Console

Google Search Console provides a whole of wonderful opportunities to the websites. It has become the process of establishing basic SEO for websites quite easily. You just need to sign up to your Google Search Console and afterwards you can manage your website just thorough some simple clicks.

How to Sign up to Google Search Console

In order to sign up to Google Search Console, you need to create a google account. Create it for free and after that you can easily access the Google Search console to manage the several metrics of your website.

How to Index Your Website Using Google Search Console

Here are the steps listed down to index your website on Google Search Console

1. Adding Website on Google Search Engine Console
Sign in to your Gmail account and open Search Engine Console. There you will see an option of “Add a Property”. Click that button and add your website URL there.

2. Verify Your Website Ownership on Google
Once you have entered the URL of your website and clicked on “Add” button, you will be asked for a verification process.

3. Adding Robot.txt file on Google Search Engine Console
There are some things in your website that you don’t want to show to Google. That is why, you create a Robot.txt file.

4. Creating XML Sitemaps and Submitting on Google Search Engine
There are two methods to create XML sitemaps which are Google XML Sitemap Plugin and Yoast SEO Plugin. Google XML Sitemap is the best way. Just add this plugin and it will automatically create sitemap for you.

5. Setting up Search Engine Console
Go to your Search Engine Console and open the message of “Improving the Search Engine Presence”. Follow all the steps listed there and this will improve the presence of your website on Google Search Engine.

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