Reasons Some Bloggers Don’t Allow Guest Posts

Reasons Some Bloggers Don’t Allow Guest Posts

Reasons Some Bloggers Don’t Allow Guest Posts

In the online world, people talk a lot about the importance of content marketing. In order to boost up the rank of your website, content marketing plays an important role. There are many bloggers who advice to do guest post on popular websites. No doubt, guest post is an important way of getting a lot of traffic to your website but people are badly exploiting this search engine optimization technique. That is why, many popular websites have stopped allowing guest posts on their platform.

Why Bloggers Do Not Allow Guest Posts

There are several reasons behind not accepting guest posts by the high quality websites. Let’s discuss the major ones of them:

  1. Authors do not have a track record of writing great content

Many bloggers do not accept posts from the writers who do not hold any experience n content writing. Usually the amateur writers do not care about writing quality content and just copy content from several sources. When top quality websites post this kind of content, it affects their SEO thus they avoid taking low quality guest posts.


  1. Low quality links

People who submit their guest posts usually link their websites in the content they provide. These links actually point out to the websites that are low in quality and contain scammy backlinks. Thus, high quality websites hesitate in accepting guest posts that contain low quality backlinks.


  1. Publishing same guest posts on several websites

There are writers who submit the same content on several different websites. This creates copied content and no website who accepts this guest post can benefit from the content because of the plagiarism. Some bloggers are very serious about the ownership of the content because if they do not own the content, people start publishing it on other websites.

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