Pinterest SEO tips to boost your traffic in 2021

Pinterest SEO tips to boost your traffic in 2021

Developing more extra traffic for the website is one of the most initial steps for the owners of online business. For the business owners who market digital products and services. Growing more traffic on your website is one of the main means for the online businessman. Increase in traffic and growth of business directly proportional to each other. The growth of business increases when the number of traffic on your website also increases. There are several methods to increase your traffic that comes to the website. You just need to look for new methods of generating more traffic. Social media is one of the greatest methods to draw people to the website. Among them, Pinterest is the best option for more business. It is the best option for the marketing and showcasing of the products. According to one of the research, Pinterest is the second-largest social media app that is mostly used.

What is Pinterest SEO?

Accurately like Google, Pinterest is a search engine that possesses its own data to determine wherever pins or posts become displayed. Because by Google, Pinterest holds the specific features of its data on the down-low because they don’t desire somebody to violate their guidelines. But, as business buyers, we yet ought a lot to work off of and best practices to adhere to as we improve our account.

Statistics of pinterest in 2020:

  • Pinterest has higher than 320 million regularly engaged users.
  • Women on Pinterest influence marketing choices.
  • 40% of US dads utilize Pinterest.
  • 52% of millennial work on Pinterest each month.
  • 28% of marketers are now utilizing Pinterest
  • 78% of users state content from brands is beneficial with ads
  • 9/10 Pinners report Pinterest as loaded by positivity.
  • The average time consumed on Pinterest is 14.2 minutes.
  • 80% of Pinterest users enter the channel through mobile.

Best SEO tips to boost your traffic in 2021:

Here are some basic tips which assist you to boost your traffic more swiftly on Pinterest:

  1. To create a business Account:

When you design a business account on Pinterest and maintain a website, you explain to them that you are one of the real pinners, not the fake one. Once you set this impression of yourself that you’re a true pinner, you’ll then have entrance to additional articles like rich pins, which will moreover assist your SEO.

Creating a business account has more benefits under Pinterest research. The information that you’ll perceive there will be very effective in knowing about your public, whatever they associate most with, demographic, and more extra.

  1. SEO Your boards:

When you create your board, three different segments will help you more in SEO of your board i-e title of board, information of board, and category.

  • For your board title, avoid becoming funny titles that don’t recognize Pinterest specifically that what your board is concerning.
  • Among your board information, you’ll need to add some keywords. You ought to have a lot more extra places to write, so you can further be extra productive. But, evade keyword stuffing. Pinterest is not said to punish you for keyword stuffing however, their data, terms, and conditions constantly change.
  • Finally, it’s time to select the category of your board. You own 23 various classes to pick off and are able to set your board below them one by one. When you are done with these methods. You can add different pins on your board.

Your pins also possess more SEO possibilities. With every pin, you should guarantee that you’re addressing reliable information of the relevant keywords you need to rank for. When you complete your description, you will additionally need to add hashtags as both give guidance by knowing Pinterest what your pin is concerning. 

  1. Use of rich pins:

A rich pin that has a link to your website or post. When you create your business account, you can open the way to rich pins. Apart from the primary advantage of rich pins remaining capable to direct traffic straight to your site, rich pins further assist SEO. Pinterest uses the metadata of the post you are going to link to in factor while placing your pin. 

  1. Enter your post name in the pin:

Book in your pin is necessary for a few of many ideas. Prime, having writing benefits get your pin to reach out. Your final aim is to direct traffic to the website and possessing text will give any setting and attract more audiences to click. Don’t forget, your purpose is to bring people to click on your pin and visit your site, not only understand your pin and also save your pin.

  1. Secure your pin is the right size:

This is the most important factor; Pinterest’s promoted pin dimension is 600px x 900px, so simply adhere to this. Pinterest themselves have stated that your pin above this size will not be shared broadly.  While you scroll within Pinterest, you may see very large upright pins that get your consideration, although as stated before, attempt to circumvent those. 

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