Managing cPanel with WHM Scripts

Managing cPanel with WHM Scripts

cPanel and WHM

cPanel is basically a control panel of your website that helps you to perform the administration related tasks like editing files, security settings, enabling or disabling plugins, setting up databases, subscribing for emails, and much more. This web hosting control panel is Linux based which is designed to provide automation tools and graphical interface so that the process of hosting a website can be simplified.

WHM stands for Web Host Manager that is used to manage the cPanel accounts. It actually acts as the control panel for the administrator companies who manage the server. By using the Web Host Manager, you can make global settings for all the accounts that are present on the server.

Tips for Having a Secure cPanel with WHM

Here are some popular tips listed down that will help you to keep the cPanel and WHM secure form any kind of security threats. Let’s have a look at them:

  1. Install the latest cPanel/WHM version

Always make sure that are using the latest version of cPanel and WHM as it saves you from a lot of advanced security threats. Many scammers come with a variety of new hacking or spamming techniques thus attacking your website to access the confidential data. The latest version updates basically include features to protect your from these kind of threats and keep your system secure.


  1. Use strong passwords

Never choose some random passwords for your cPanel or WHM. Always choose a highly strong and authentic password so that no one would be able to hack it so easily for reaching your data. Besides that, never allow browsers to save the passwords of your highly important applications. Keep those passwords safe at your side without letting other services know about it.


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