Is Your Writing Readable?

Is Your Writing Readable?

Is Your Writing Readable?

What is Readability Score?

A readability score is basically an index that is calculated by computer to tell you about the level of readability that your content holds and the visibility that it contains for reading a piece of text easily. By ensuring the readability of a piece of text, you can highly increase the chances of delivering your message and promoting your business in an effective way possible.

The best practice is to make sure that the content in which you have invested hours and weeks should remain relevant to your audience over a certain span of time. In order to market your content properly, it is essential to maintain its proper readability so that it can reach most of the search engines in the best manner.

How to Write a Readable Content

Here are some ways listed down that you can use to create readable content for your website:

  1. Break your content in smaller pieces

You should access your content and tear it apart into different pieces. This will provide you the flexibility and ease to identify the elements that need to be changed, discarded, or updated. You can also use some online tools to do this job for you.


  1. Use readability tools

There are several readability tools available online that help you maintain good readability score of your content. You may use these tools to improve the readability score of your blogs. Besides that, you may install readability plugins in your website and can check the score and quality of your content from time to time.


  1. Evaluate your writing strategy

When you think that your content is ready to publish, make sure to run a comprehensive view for one last time so that the changes can be made in time. Look if you have optimized the content and improved the highlighted elements.




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