Is AngularJS SEO Friendly?

Is AngularJS SEO Friendly?

Is AngularJS SEO Friendly?
The Angular JS, commonly known as Angular, is an open-source web application framework that is maintained by a community of individual developers as well as Google in order to address and eradicate the many challenges that come in the way of developing single page applications. The library of Angular works by first reading the HTML page which is actually embedded into its additional custom tag attributes.
How AngularJS is SEO Friendly
AngularJS is a quite SEO friendly framework that greatly helps developers to create an optimized website. Every website that is built in AngularJS, engineers add the correct Meta tags and use CDN to make it quickly indexable. Besides that, Google has also announced in 2016 that it will be indexing all single page application websites.
Advantages of Angular JS
The main advantages of Angular JS that give it advantages over other framework are listed below:
Angular JS analyze the page DOM and build the bindings based on the Angular-specific element attributes, so you do not need to use observable functions. Because of this technique, you have to write less code, the code remains clean, less error-prone, and becomes easier to understand.

Data binding occurs at a particular point of JavaScript execution. It does not happen on each control or value change which dramatically improves performance as a single bulk model.

Instead of adding inner HTML code, Angular JS modifies the page DOM directly which is actually a faster and better way.

Angular provides quite a different number of ways to do one thing thus allowing and accommodating particular tasks and development styles.

It is greatly supported by Google and independent developer community.
It provides extended features like routing, animations, dependency injection, view orchestration, and many more.

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