Improve Customer Experience on Your Site..

Improve Customer Experience on Your Site..

Improve Customer Experience on Your Site
Search engine advertising is one of the most popular platform to let people know about your products. But, there are websites that fail to gain any success even after advertising their business in search engines. Visitors come to their website and leave without spending some time or making any purchase. When this kind of situation occurs, it is a clear sign that your website is not providing a good customers experience to the users.
How to Improve Customer Experience on Your Website
Customer experience depends on a lot of factors of your website. Here are some of the major factors listed down that can improve the customer experience of your site:
Improve Your Website Speed
Google has designed very strict policies about an effective speed of websites that are running online. Nowadays, Google is not making any compromise on the speed while ranking websites in the search engine result pages. Those business have slow loading websites are pushed very down in rankings by the Google. Thus, it has become quite important to optimize the speed of your website in order to provide good customer experience.

Reduce the response time of server
One of the biggest factors that affects page speed is the amount of time your DNS lookup takes. When a user types a URL into their browser, a DNS server is what translates that URL into the IP address that indicates its location online. When you use slow DNS, browsers take more time to locate your website. Thus, for a good customer experience, you should switch to a faster DNS server.

Target the landing pages
Your landing pages should be designed to contain content that uses your targeted keywords for each of your product or service. You should also personalize your call-to-action in order to provide better user experience on your website.

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