How to Use Browser Caching

How to Use Browser Caching

What is Browser Caching?

Browsing Caching basically refers to storing static files of some website in your browser instead of server. This helps you to retrieve the files quickly when needed instead contacting server again and again for this purpose. This mechanism is used for speeding up the pages of websites thus creating good user experience and high Google Search Engine Rankings. When you contact server every time for loading the static files of a website, it slows down the speed of website and affects the performance as well.

Benefits of Using Browser Caching

Leverage Browser Caching provides you great benefits. The major ones are:

  1. It optimizes the speed of a website
  2. It saves the internet data of the visitor of a website.
  3. It decreases HTTP requests.
  4. It saves bandwidth of website server
  5. It decreases the load of server.

How to Use Browser Caching for Websites

When you visit a page of a website, the browser you are using actually downloads all the files present on the page. This includes all the content of the page as well as the common static files like CSS and JS files. Similarly, when you visit another page of the same website, your browser again downloads all the files and contents present on the page.

But, if you are using browser caching, then all the static files will not serve from your server but they will server from your browser. Thus, doing this, when you will visit another page of the same website, it will not download the static files this time but only download the unique content that a page contains. In this case, the static files will be stored in your browser and will serve from there instead of getting downloaded again. This basically speeds up the process of your website and also greatly enhance its performance.

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