How to Improve Telecom Expense Management Process

How to Improve Telecom Expense Management Process


How to Improve Telecom Expense Management Process

What is Telecom Expense Management?

Telecom Expense Management is a term that is used for talking about the expenses as well as the reduction cost related to the telecommunications. A highly organized Telecom Expense Management program helps enterprises to get maximum visibility for controlling costs in addition to the communication budget.

Almost every enterprise faces difficulties while managing its communication expenses as it is always overwhelming and complex to reduce the communication costs without proper tools and support. Companies usually sell their programs or services by claiming the facility of telecom cost reduction but it takes an organized Telecom Expense Management strategy for truly enjoying the cost reduction benefits.

Steps of an Effective Telecom Expense Management Process

There are certain organized steps for having the kind of Telecom Expense Management Process that can specifically lead to mobility cost reduction and wireless cost reduction. Let’s discuss those steps below:

  1. Having a Centralized Repository

The first step is efficient cost reduction process is to manage your telecom provisioning in a centralized repository where you can finally gather the data of inventory, billing, and contracts. This helps various departments of an enterprise to have easy access to historical information and other relevant data. The managers get the facility of tracking key milestone for the new services gain insights into popular trends, and note down the historical order activity.


  1. Automating the Centralized Repository

Once you get successful in getting the centralized repository, you can automate it for clearing a well-organized workflow of orders. This helps you to free your staff from the load of managing previous records and order activities in order to track the progress of the enterprise.


You should have a workflow in which:

  • The options entirely revolve around approved vendors.
  • The transactions can be automated using online tools in order to make data exchange without the help of individual carrier portals.
  • The templates provide instant prompts and prepopulated data while placing orders.


  1. Minimizing the Expenses

Using online tools for order placing and transaction activity highly reduce mobility and wireless cost parallel to providing greater accuracy thus freeing the staff from focusing on higher value activities. When you finally get able to devise a highly managed telecom expense management process for your enterprise, it actually reduces all the unnecessary telecom expenses and provides better tracking as well as visibility thus ensuring less waste.


You can also enjoy the advantages of volume discounts, special pricing, and upgrade policies for mobile. The managers of the enterprise can also work on orders proactively for avoiding Minimum Annual Revenue Commitment (MARC) penalties.

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