How to Diagnose SEO Traffic Drops

How to Diagnose SEO Traffic Drops

How to Diagnose SEO Traffic Drops

There are certain factors that lead to SEO traffic drops. Let’s discuss them below:

  1. Does the Google Algorithm Recently Updated?

Make sure if there’s a recent update in the Google algorithm or not in order to avoid your site from any potential risk.


  1. Does the SEO traffic drop related to any particular segment?

Look for the segments that have dropped in traffic a lot more than any other one. This helps you in reaching the root cause of issue.


  1. Is your website being penalized?

Visit the search console to look for nay messages that are related to penalties and search your brand name on Google. If your website is not in the results, it means you are penalized.


  1. Have you made a major site change?

If you have made major changes in your website regarding migrating URLs, moving to different JavaScript framework, removing the navigation menu, and updating the title tags, it may lead to SEO traffic drops.


  1. Did you lose the bunch of ranking to your competitor?

Look if your competitors are performing way better than you as it can cause you a lot of traffic drop.


  1. Does your traffic drop coincide with the rise in dark traffic?

Try to ensure that you have not made any changes to the way you are classifying your traffic in order to avoid dark traffic.


  1. Does the design of Search Engine Result Pages have changed?

Figure out if the design of SERPs have recently changed as it may be the reason for SEO traffic drop.


  1. Have you experienced drop in branded or unbranded traffic?

Look at the numbers of branded vs. unbranded clicks that your website has gained over time and judge the drop in branded and unbranded traffic.


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