How Links in Headers, Footers, Content and Navigation Can Impact SEO

How Links in Headers, Footers, Content and Navigation Can Impact SEO

Links are of great importance. They are the major source of increasing your page authority and domain rank. They increase your search engine rankings thus boosting your business towards success. While building links for your website, the position of links matter a lot. If you put several links in header, footer, content, and navigation, they all will hold different value for your website and will impact your search engine rankings in different way. Thus, while using links in your page, it is very important to choose the right position for them so that they can get maximum visibility.

Useful Ways of Placing Links in Your Website

  • In-content links are more valuable than footers or navigation links

Usually, navigation links perform better job than the links in footer. But, if you want your links to do a great job for you, the best place is to use them in content. This area helps your links to get maximum visibility for the links of your website.


  • Links in footers often get devalued

If you are using an important link in the footer but not placing it in the primary navigation, it will not carry as much weight internally. In fact, in most of the cases, these link usually carry no weight other than just indexing.


  • Only first anchor counts form all the multiple links of same page

If you are using the same link in several locations of your page, then only the top link counts or the one that Google views first in the HTML. All the other anchor texts will be considered by Google as they do not even exist. SO stuffing your page with the same URL holds no value at all.

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