How Do I Get Google to Index My Site?

How Do I Get Google to Index My Site?

How Do I Get Google to Index My Site?
The purpose of creating a website is to let people know that your business has come online too. But, in order to appear in search engine, you have to wait for the time when GoogleBot can crawl to your website and index it on search engine result pages. In order to make it happen as quickly as possible, you have to adopt certain strategies. These strategies help you to get indexed and get higher rankings in search engines.
Ways to Index Your Website on Google
Here are some tips listed down that can help you to index your website on Google. Let’s discuss them:
Setting up Search Engine Console
Go to your Google Search Engine Console and open the message of “Improving the Search Engine Presence”. Follow all the steps listed on the console and this will improve the presence of your website on Google Search Engine.

Adding Your Website to Google Search Console
Indexing your website to Google makes your website visible to the whole world when people search for the results that are related to your website. Sign in to your Gmail account and open Search Engine Console. There you will see an option of “Add a Property”. Click that button and add your website URL there.

Adding Robot.txt file on Google Search Engine Console
There are some things in your website that you don’t want to show to Google. That is why, you create a Robot.txt file. The easiest way is to use the Plugin method. Just go the plugin section of WordPress and install a plugin named “Virtual Robot.txt”

Creating XML Sitemaps
You can do this with Google XML Sitemap Plugin or Yoast SEO Plugin. Google XML Sitemap is the best way. Just add this plugin and it will automatically create sitemap for you.

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