Goal Value..

Goal Value..

What is Goal Value in Google Analytics?
When you set up a goal in Google Analytics, you are asked to assign a momentary amount to the conversion. Whenever a goal is completed by the user of your website, the value is recorded and then added every time. This value is then found in SEO reports with the name of Goal Value.
Every action that a user makes on your website is translated into a dollar amount. In order to determine the effective goal value for your goal, you may note down the rate at which your users eventually turn into your customers. Depending on this percentage, you may write down a momentary Goal Value while creating a Goal in Google Analytics.
Why You Should Use Goal Values
Every business wants to know about the incoming sources of money that a website. In order to easily calculate this value and the rest of the statistics, Google Analytics provides you an option called Goal Value for this purpose. You may track down the per visit value of your traffic sources as well as break down the revenue of your campaign by keyword, referral, or some other subset of data.
What are the Types of Goals?
Here are the popular types of Goal listed down. Let’s figure them out:
You may go for this type of Goal when you want to load a specific page after a conversion activity is over.

This goal type signifies the sessions that last for some particular type or length.

Screens / Pages Per Session
You can select this goal type when you know the goal process involves viewing a specific number of screens or pages on your website.

This goal type is chosen when an event is triggered by completing the conversion process.

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