Facebook Updates in 2018

Facebook Updates in 2018

Facebook Updates in 2018
Facebook has emerged as a famous social media platform for advertising businesses and brands. Facebook advertising is greatly powerful because you can target your exact demographic which help you can catch the attention of a lot of customers. Almost all the business around the world are using Facebook to promote their business and are gaining more and more customers on an everyday basis.
You can easily let people know about your products and services by just wisely and properly posting it on Facebook. This platform is quite easy to use and does not require any prior learning mechanism before using it. Anybody and everybody can use it without even stressing about getting used to its interface.
Major Facebook Updates in 2018
Some of the popular 2018 Facebook Popular Updates are:
Prioritizing friends and family
Facebook is working with the slogan of “helps you to connect with each other”. Thus, Facebook is prioritizing posts from friends and family instead of brands, businesses and media.

Making clickbait less popular
The clickbait or engagement posts are the ones that explicitly ask you to tag someone, vote, comment or react. This practice mainly benefits the publisher and not the users so Facebook has recently decided to spot this type of content and make it less visible on the news feed.

Promoting sound collection
Facebook is greatly promoting its video creators and has also offered tools to help them along the way. It has also released a dedicated mobile application and has gifted users with the feature of the sound collection.

Adapting to mobile-optimized photos
Considering how much traffic comes from mobile devices today, Facebook has updated its algorithm accordingly. It does not crop vertical images anymore and they appear in the news feed with their utmost glory.

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