EaglePay – Developing IronGeekChain Technology for EagleCoin….

EaglePay – Developing IronGeekChain Technology for EagleCoin….

EaglePay – Developing IronGeekChain Technology for EagleCoin

What is EaglePay?
EaglePay is an online website that is introducing wonderful projects like EagleCoin with the purpose of developing a Payment Gateway System using a highly advanced IronGeekChain technology. Eagleton holds the support of powerful Ethereum blockchain main net network.
What are Eagle Coins?

The Eagle Coins are beautiful collectibles in precious metals for any numismatist. These coins come in uncirculated as well as proof finishes. They provide investors with a convenient and cost-effective way to add gold to their investment portfolio. Pricing for the eagle coins typically depends on the market price and varies from time to time. Eagle Play holds a wide collection of EagleCoin and provides a reliable platform for getting any information about it.

What is the Purpose of EagleCoin?

Eaglecoin has introduced by the EaglePay with the aim of building a strong community, to create a digital value for transactions & dividend payment, and to make a profitable investment asset.

The final stage of this project is to create a payment gateway system using a blockchain technology that used user both user-friendly and meets regulatory requirements in the best manner possible. EagleCoin will contain an advanced payment gateway system that comprises of IronGeekChain technology so that every transaction or investment can occur in a secure platform thus avoiding any kind of fraud or inconvenience at any cycle of the whole process.

Remember that, EagleCoin in not an ICO Project. If you are looking for a platform that guarantees a transparent system of EagleCoin investment and trade, you will find no platform better than EaglePay.

Specifications of EagleCoin
When EagleCoin was released, 3 600 000 EAGLE (30% of maximum coin supply) was created initially. The major specifications of Eagle Coin are listed below:
Name: EagleCoin
Symbol: EAGLE
Decimals: 18
Max Total Supply: 12 000 000
Initial Supply: 3 600 000
Min Coin Age: 3 Days
Max Coin Age: 90 Days
1st Year Interest: 100%
2nd Year Interest: 50%
3rd-15th Year Interest: 10%

You may Get the Eagle Coin app on Google Play and keep yourself updated with the current price variations of eagle coin. If you are the dealer of Eagle Coin, you can also make beneficial investments by using this app.
Know the Ethereum Amount using PoS Calculator
With the help of Eagle Pay’s PoS calculator, you may now stack the tokens without GPU as well as without even turning on your computer. On this website, everything runs in Ethereum IronGeekChain thus the staking rate in the first year is 100%.
Get EaglePay Token Free
You can become an EaglePay Token (EPT) holder for getting transaction fee discount whenever you process a transaction in the EaglePay system depending on your ownership of EPT. Besides that, you can also get special vouchers when there is a promotional event and can enjoy the great experience of the EaglePay.

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