Difference between AdWords & Adsense?

Difference between AdWords & Adsense?

Difference between AdWords & Adsense?

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is the world’s most popular advertising system that operates on Pay Per Click model. The AdWords platform enables businesses to create ads that appear on Google’s search engine and other Google properties. When it comes to marketing, business owners are provided with tons of options.  AdWords campaigns are serving as the best way to promote and display your product to the global world effectively.  Whenever user makes a search, Google looks in the pool of AdWords advertisers and select the most relevant answers that can be displayed on the search engine results pages.

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is designed to allow publishers of Google network to share their text, images, videos, and other such media advertisements by targeting the audience on their websites. It is known as one of the best contextual advertisement programs available online. There are many other Google Adsense alternatives available but you will find the services and options of Adsense unmatched with any other alternative.

Difference between Google AdWords & Google Adsense

Google AdWords and Google Adsense both are the platforms that are designed by Google and have played an important part in the success of Google. As a website owner, you should be very clear with the purpose of both the platforms so that you can use them correctly for the progress of your website. You should also that which platforms is better under certain circumstances and can help you in fulfilling your objectives in a better possible way.

The major difference between AdWords and Adsense is that AdWords helps you in advertising your website on Google Search Result Pages as well the network partner whereas Adsense is used as a publishing platform in order to display high quality Google Ads on your website.


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