Content Theft: What It Is and How to Protect Your Website

Content Theft: What It Is and How to Protect Your Website

What is Content Theft?

Content theft has emerged as a most common problem among the websites these days. There are a lot of websites who steal the content of other good websites and publish it on their own website thus taking the credit of that quality content. This process is called content theft.

If your website produces quality content and you want to protect it from other website so that they cannot steal its content, you should think about taking some wise measures.

How to Protect a Website from Content Theft

In order to protect your website from content theft, you can pay attention to the below listed steps:

1. Make sure you are not copy/pasting content from other websites
Many website owners do not bother about the quality of content and add whatever kind of content they get for their websites. Remember that, a copied and pasted content holds no value for your website as well as for search engines. So, never copy and paste content from other websites. It is better to write less and valuable content as compared to adding tons of copied content on your website.

2. Find Evidence of Copy theft
If you have found a certain website that is constantly copying your content and pasting it on its own website, you should manage a strong evidence of the content that have been copied. Prepare a detailed evidence and contact the thief afterwards asking him to remove the content. If he disagrees, you can take the next step without wasting a single moment.

3. File a DMCA complaint
Once you have a strong evidence and the reply of the theft, you can easily file a DMCA complaint with Google. DMCA stands for Digital Millennium Copyright Act and contains serious penalties.

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