Chrome vs Edge

Chrome vs Edge

Chrome vs Edge

Microsoft has currently claimed that their browser is quite faster and impressive as compared to other popular browsers. As we all know that Google holds more than half of the market shares and is its browser Google Chrome is known to be the most engaging and useful one.

Let’s make a detailed comparison of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge below in order to know that which search engine is better:

Google Chrome vs Microsoft Edge

Microsoft has struggled a lot to get a lot of people who use its browser as a priority. As we know that Internet Explorer used to be the most common option for accessing web but the competitors like Firefox and Chrome entered the market and emerged as the most popular browsers. They offered features that that blew Microsoft’s original browser from the competition. Thus, after quite a long time, Microsoft introduced the browser Edge with the hope of recapturing the lost portion of the market but they still have an uphill battle in doing so.

Chrome currently holds market shares of 58 percent and has turned out as the most popular browser than alternatives. Microsoft released two new ads on New Year’s Eve and provided a comparison of Microsoft Edge vs Google Chrome thus showing that Edge is the superior one. The ads highlight that Edge in quite better than Chrome in term of speed, security, and battery efficiency.

The ads also showed that Microsoft Edge is up to 48 percent faster than Google Chrome and helps users to get their job done instantly. Edge also blocks 18 percent more phishing sites on the web than Google Chrome.

As Chrome is for draining the battery of laptops with its significant resource requirements thus Microsoft claimed that Edge protects battery life and helps it to last longer.


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