Checklist of Powerful instagram marketing strategies in 2020

Checklist of Powerful instagram marketing strategies in 2020

Checklist of powerful instagram marketing strategies!

You must be aware of the benefits of digital marketing that’s why you came across this blog. You must know that social media is a powerful tool to promote your business worldwide. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the major platforms with more than a billion users. You can generate revenue instantly if you use the right tactic. 

If you already have an Instagram page, or you’re planning to make a new one, you should immediately apply these Instagram marketing strategies.

According to a report of 2018, Instagram has more than a billion users. Using the right Instagram marketing strategies will help you reach more customers worldwide. There are some steps you should follow to boost up your Instagram marketing game! But, first, we will talk about some Instagram statistics which will make you realize how beneficial is this platform.

1: With more than a billion users, Instagram is ahead of Twitter.  

It makes Instagram a giant platform for brand marketing. Plus, Instagram is also ahead of Pinterest and Tumblr. The report came in 2018 June. Now, there would be more audience at Instagram. So, you should not resist using faultless Instagram marketing strategies.

2: 500 million people daily use Instagram

Again, Instagram left Twitter behind. The daily active users on Twitter are less than 200 million. With the passing of time, the number of users is increasing. Do you still think Instagram marketing strategies are ineffective? You shouldn’t.

3: Instagram is the most engaging platform

This time, Instagram is ahead of Facebook, too. The likes on Facebook are less than Instagram. Conclusively, Instagram users are more active and engaging.

4: Half of the Instagram users get awareness about a brand through Instagram

It concludes to the point that Instagram is the best way to reach an enormous audience. You can reach an audience from all countries, cities, and religion through strong Instagram marketing strategies.

After reading the stats, an intelligent person must have elected to do their brand marketing through Instagram.

Now, we are taking you towards the most efficient Instagram marketing strategies which you should never ignore. If you ignore this plan, you won’t be able to reach more!

  1. Get the most out of your Instagram bio

As they say, the first impression is the last, make sure to make it a good one. The word limit is 150, you should make the best out of the minimum. 

If you want to promote your business you can include your website address, too. Keep updating the bio according to your brand events, etc. Note that bio is as important as the username. Keep it short, simple, and readable.

Also, use the call to action buttons to facilitate the visitors. You may also add your address.

  1. Follow more!

The initial step is to maximize the following of your Instagram business page. This strategy is a guaranteed Instagram marketing strategy to increase followers.

  1. Choose a communicative profile picture

Keep your visual game strong. It will help you in reaching more. People prefer to watch more than reading. Hence, use a picture which will communicate the vision of your brand.

  1. Regular posting

Keep your posting interesting and creative. It will help you in increasing the engagements. The content should be related to your audience’s interest. You should concentrate more on posting offers. It’s a proven Instagram marketing strategy to boost engagement.

  1. Use hashtags

You should use some hashtag tools to generate hashtags. They will help you generate high volume hashtags. You can use a maximum of 30 hashtags in a post. Utilize the limit with effectiveness.

  1. Creative captions

Captions matter the most on Instagram. It is the most useful Instagram marketing strategy! Most of the people look at captions more than the picture. 

  1. Add highlights

This new option is a great way to categorize your brand. You can add highlights of images, videos, etc. It will be easier for people to find the things they are looking for. Also, highlights make the business page look more professional.

  1. Post engaging videos

The engagement rate of videos is higher than images, according to recent studies. Therefore, you should focus more on the videos. Additionally, you can go live! Users love this option.

  1. Keep posting stories

You can add your daily content to stories. Do contests at stories! Add announcements. If you post too often it will flood the timeline of your followers. There is a high chance that they will unfollow you. Hence, you should post most of the content at the stories.

  1. Giveaways!!!

You can quickly boost your engagements. Many people do not share this most powerful Instagram marketing strategy, but it is the most useful. 

These are the most useful Instagram marketing strategies. They will help you in increasing your sales!

As digital marketing is ruling the world, we never prefer to rely on the website alone. It’s important to use different social media platforms to market your brand!

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