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What is a URL?

Uniform Resource Locator which is known as URL in short term. A Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is an address of a unique given resource present on the web. Each valid URL leads to a unique resource, which can be an HTML page, a CSS document, an image, etc. As the resources are represented by the URL and web server handles the URL itself. It is up to the owner of the webserver to manage the resources carefully.

The URL makes it possible for the computer to find and open the webpage on different devices like computers on the Internet.


Where is the URL located?

A Uniform Resource Locator is usually located at the top of the browser window in the address bar. A URL is always visible on desktop computers and laptops unless the browser is being displayed in fullscreen.

Whereas in smartphones and tablets, the URL disappears as the user scroll downs and only shows the domain when visible. Tap on the address bar, where only the domain name is being shown, and the full address will be displayed in the address bar.


What do you mean by SEO-Friendly URLs?

URLs are usually described to the address of web-property which is located somewhere at a specific location in the device. When switched on, connected to the internet and then responds to the query calls. This is the only working purpose of the URLs.


Search engines like Google, take those URLs which are the bits and pieces of the SEO. Google always predicts the relationship between the different objects and items of a website by observing the text of each. So, Google wants to interlink or interrelate those URLs to the content which are on the same page.


This helps to figure out which webpage has the content related to the URL. As well as it limits to those which have few special characters like hyphens. The better URL are those which focuses on the keywords used in the content. It has more precious value toward the SEO and it is considered more SEO friendly.


So, a URL should contain the focused keywords and should not be overloaded with special characters to become an SEO-friendly URL, though it might consist of some words as well.


How does SEO Friendly URLs Checker tool work?

The top by TopSEO is the tool that checks the URLs for their SEO friendliness in a comfortable way. Our tool will provide a detailed result of all the URLs along with the domain.

Enter the URL of any level of which you want to check. Our SEO-friendly URL checker will intelligently grab all the URLs of any particular domain. After this, they will inform you about the anchor text as well as the URL behavior which is related to the URL SEO friendliness.

To use the TopSEO, SEO friendly URL checker tool follow the steps:

  • Paste the correct URL within the given box
  • Push the button “Analyze Links”
  • The results will be displayed within seconds.


The SEO-friendly URLs have a great impact on your site’s performance and ranking in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Use the TopSEO URL checker to have a look at your site URL SEO friendliness.


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