What is the Use of Meta Tags?

What is the Use of Meta Tags?


What is the Use of Meta Tags?

What are Meta Tags?

Meta tags are snippets of text that describe the content of a page. They appear in the HTML code of a Web page and help tell search engines what the topic of the page is. These tags are different from the regular tags as they are only found in the source code of your page and your users are not cannot see them. Meta tags only exist in HTML, usually at the “head” of the page, and so are only visible to search engines.

Why Meta Tags are Important

Meta tags act as a great player while design the search engine optimization strategy of some business. The most important thing to keep in mind when selecting or optimizing your Meta tags is to be sure that each tag accurately reflects the content of your pages. If we talk about the search engine history, Meta tags were considered as the most important part of the content. But people started abusing this strategy by stuffing a lot of tags in their content. Thus, Google devalued them form the ranking factor because of this. However, it doesn’t mean they’re not important anymore. Meta tags still play quite a big role in your site’s SEO.

Types of Meta Tags

There are four types of Meta tags. They are:

  1. Meta Keywords Attribute

A series of keywords you deem relevant to the page of your website.


  1. Title Tag 

This is the text you’ll see at the top of your browser. This text appears as the “title” of your page in search engines.


  1. Meta Description Attribute

A brief description of the page.


  1. Meta Robots Attribute

An indication to search engine crawlers like robots in order to tell what they should do with the page.



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