What is the Featured Snippet?

What is the Featured Snippet?

What is the Featured Snippet?

Featured Snippets

When you see a box at the top of the Google by making a search using long tail keywords, that snippet head over to the Google is called featured snippet. The featured snippet is also known as number 0 position.

This featured snippet does not appear on mobile devices but most of the people use internet through mobile devices these days. Thus, it is being said that Google will introduce this feature on mobile devices too.

Why Are Featured Snippets important?

People nowadays are obsessed with optimizing their content for the number 1 position in search engine result pages. But if you want to set new heights for your business, you need to think bigger. The counter to best searches is shifting from number 1 to 0 in this modern era. When you will start to optimize your content for the number 0 position in the search engine result pages, you will surely land your website at the top of Google page without paying any amount for it. Thus, in the near future, the zero-result is going to be the best place to rank your website.

Things to know about Featured Snippet in Search Pages

It is not easy to rank for the featured snippet in result pages. You have to put a lot of efforts in this process. Even if the optimization process does not land you at the position 0, it will surely increase your rank in the search engines.

You should keep in mind that you do not need to be at the position 1 to make your place in the featured snippets or zero results. There are many websites who are in position 2 or 3 but manage to get a place in the zero results.


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