Things that Do Not Affect Your Google Rankings

Things that Do Not Affect Your Google Rankings

Things that Do Not Affect Your Google Rankings

Google is known as the master search engine as holds the most shares as compared to any other search engine. Thus, if you become able to build the recognition of your website on Google, other search engines will surely recognize you. Google holds some policies and factors that websites have to follow in order to get highest ranks in search engine result pages (SERPs). As the competition in the online market in tough, so you have to keep working on these factors for long-term success.

However, still there are factors that people mostly use in their website for gaining high search engines rankings but they do not have any direct link to the rankings.

Which Factors Do Not Affect Your Google Rankings

Here are the factors that do not affect your Google rankings in any way and are just considered as myths for good rankings. Let’s discuss them below:

  1. Age f Website

Google does not care about the registration date of your website. It does not bother if your website is currently registered or was founded decades ago. Google only cares about the level to which your content, links, and signals are relevant for the users.


  1. Use of H1, H2, H3 tags

Many website owners believe that if they will use the H1 heading for their title, H2 heading for the subtitle, and H3 for the rest of the highlighted content, it will be a sign of good SEO and will help them in getting good rankings. But, in reality, these tags are in no way linked to Google rankings. You may use them to increase the readability of your content.


  1. Choosing a dedicated IP address

Google says that a dedicated IP address does not affect your rankings if you are using it for the purpose of speeding up your website. However, the dedicated IP address does matters and helps in getting good rankings.


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