Search Console AMP tool

Search Console AMP tool

What is Google AMP?

Google AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile pages and is an open-source HTML framework that allows webpages to load quickly. It helps websites that contain a lot of content like graphics, animations, and videos to load faster. If we calculate the AMP average load time for the pages that uses AMP, it comes out as 0.7 seconds while the median load time for the pages that do not use AMP turns out as 22 seconds. The pages that are supported by AMP appear in mobile search results and would be labeled with an AMP icon.

How to Sue the Search Console AMP Tool

When Google launched the AMP tool, it created great sensation in the online world. It turned out as a great success and millions of websites used it for optimizing their webpages. In order to use this tool, you just need to plug an AMP URL and click enter and Remember to click “not a bot” option. In a few seconds, you will get the results of your webpage with the detailed report about the issues.

How Search Console AMP Tool Helps in Boosting Up Search Engine Optimization

Several major businesses like e-commerce companies, online agencies and advertising firms are extensively using AMP technology for their websites. Many big companies like Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Bing, Pinterest and several others have integrated AMP in their webpages and this has greatly increased their SEO rankings.

As we all know that, Google prefers the mobile optimized websites so the sites that go for AMP get a boost in search positions as their webpages load sooner and tend to get more clicks thus experiencing low bounce rate.

Accelerated mobile pages are built with an open source HTML which is launched by Google for quick webpage loading on mobile devices which helps the businesses to optimize their websites for different devices like desktop, tablet, and mobile.

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