Natural Link Building 101

Natural Link Building 101

Natural Link Building 101

What is Link Building 101?

Backlink refers to the link that one website gets from another. All of the incoming links to a webpage are known as backlinks. Natural link building is the process in which other webmasters, bloggers or website owners link to your content as they believe that your content is useful for their readers and adds value to their websites or pages.

In the past few years, backlink was considered as the top metric for ranking the websites in all search engines including Google. A web page with a lot of backlinks used to rank higher. This concept of backlink still true but now there are certain others factors that also effect the ranking strategy of search engines.

Ways to Do Natural Link Building

Here are some techniques listed down that help you in having a natural link building strategy for your website:

  1. Be a part of different forums

Forum links also help you to build remarkable backlink profile. You gain good amount of backlinks while interacting and discussing certain topics with people. Participate actively in the discussion and earn high backlinks for your website.


  1. Use broken link building method

Contact a webmaster to report broken links on his website and recommend other websites as well as your website to replace that link. This will provide you a chance to get backlinks.


  1. Interview the industry leader

Interviewing a highly successful business personality is a really great way to attract visitors to your website. Everyone wants to listen the words of a successful person. Thus, the interview can become a good opportunity for you to earn backlinks.


  1. Provide How To’s tutorials

Provide a lot of short and informative how to’s tutorials on your website. It will let your visitors think that you know a lot of your products and services thus increasing your chance of getting quality backlinks.





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