Myths about Duplicate Content

Myths about Duplicate Content

Myths about Duplicate Content

There is no substitute for writing good quality content on your website. Top quality content keeps you in a long-term competition with your competitors and builds the reputation of your website. But, duplicate content has emerged as a most common problem among the websites these days. There are a lot of websites who steal the content of other good websites and publish it on their own website thus taking the credit for that quality content.

But, there are some common myths that revolve around regarding the duplicate content. Yes, duplicate content is a problem but some websites have created their own myths about this issue and are misguiding other businesses too.

Common Myths about Duplicate Content

Here are some common myths listed down that are popular about duplicate content. Let’s have a look at them:

  1. Duplicate content hurt your search engine rankings

Many topnotch websites usually repost articles that are actually present on some other websites. They do not post these articles to get rankings but these articles also do not hurt their search engine rankings. Google is wise enough to recognize the actual copy of the content and just use it for the ranking purpose thus ignoring all the other versions.


  1. Web scrappers hurt your website

Scrappers do not hurt your website in any way. The links of your website that are present on the scrapped version usually get little or no authority at all but these links can help you in getting occasional referral visits to your website.


  1. Republishing your guest post on your site will affect rankings

Some good websites that you use for guest posting actually allow you to post the same content on your website. They suggest you use the HTML tag ref = canonical in the post so that it does not come under copied content. Thus, republishing your guest posts do not hurt your rankings.


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