How to Recover from Any Google Penalty

How to Recover from Any Google Penalty

How to Recover from Any Google Penalty

What are Google Penalties?

Google penalties refer to all those actions that are taken against your website when you violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines in any way. These penalties negatively affect your website in terms of rankings and traffic thus badly damaging the reputation of your website. The two major types of penalties that basically exist are automatic and manual. The algorithm based penalty is automatic whereas the penalty for using black hat SEO is manual. Whenever you stop providing quality work on your website, your website automatically starts losing rankings.

Ways to Recover from Google Penalties

Here are some amazing ways listed down that can help you in recovering from Google Penalties. Let’s have a look at them:

  1. Never buy backlinks

The risk is of buying backlinks is so high that it can affect the reputation and statistics of your business badly.  Always remember that only scammy sites sell cheap backlinks. In general, there is a reduction in your website’s domain authority but sometimes Google completely removes your site from search results.


  1. Forget about unethical crawling

In some cases, there are the site owners that try to attack the competitor’s website by doing unethical crawling or by causing unexpected heavy server load. If GoogleBot can’t access your site for a few times in a row, it decreases your chances of being indexed thus lowering your search engine rankings. If you notice that your site has become slow, or, worse, unavailable, a wise thing to do is contact your hosting company or webmaster. They would resolve the issues for you.


  1. Do not make connections with low-quality websites

If you start doing link building on low-quality websites, your website will also be ranked among the scammy websites. So, be very wise while doing link building.



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