How to Measure Audience Engagement on Your Blog

How to Measure Audience Engagement on Your Blog

When you ask a business owner or marketer that what they like the most in the world, they’ll probably say “more and more customers” which actually means more and more traffic to their website or online business. Whether you are selling your products through your website or writing a blog for fun, you always desire to see thousands of comments, shares and weekly visits. Don’t you?

Yes, everyone desires to have a website that can attract visitors like a magnet. So, in this article, we have gathered some most popular optimization tips that will help in driving more traffic to your website.

Ways to Measure Audience Engagement on Your Blog

1. Check the level of your SEO
There’s nothing more valuable than optimizing your content for search engines. If you are carefully handling all the SEO related points of the content like Meta description, alt text, internal links, and SEO score, audience will be automatically attracted to your blog.

2. Analyze your marketing strategy
Social media marketing is an excellent helpful way in getting larger traffic to your website. If you are promoting all of your blogs on social media and you are getting excellent response from the audience, it is a hint that your marketing strategy is performing quite well. If your website holds a lot of active users who read your blogs or content on regular basis, it automatically determines that you are having a good level of audience engagement.

3. Pay attention to search engine rankings
Search engine ranking is the easiest and widely used way of knowing about the audience engagement regarding your business. If your website is enjoying good rankings in search engines, especially in Google, just know that you are performing outstandingly well in all departments of your website.

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