How to Make Money with a Blog 2018

How to Make Money with a Blog 2018


How to Make Money with a Blog 2018

Blogging is really a good idea to let people know about your business. It is a cost effective solution that you can use for your startup. In the initial days of your business, you are obviously concerned about your budget and cannot afford to make huge investments for marketing of your products and services. In such cases, you may turn to writing blogs to generate content about your startup that will engage your audience.

Besides that, you can also use your blog to earn money online by using a lot of creative ideas. Blogging provides you a quite helpful way to earn handsome amount online without even making huge investments.

Ways to Make Money with a Blog 2018

Here are some ways listed down that will help you to make money online using your blog. Let’s figure out these ways below:

  1. Use Google Adsense in your blog

In order to place customized Google Adsense ads in your blog, you need an approved Google Adsense account. Before allowing you to put any Adsense ad on your website, Google approves your account manually. Once you have an approved account, you can follow certain steps to place Adsense ads in your blog.


  1. Use affiliate links in your content

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money through your own website. You can contact some high rank product website and can promote those products on your website. For each sale of the product that occurs through your website, the advertiser pays you some amount of commission.


  1. Sell digital products

If you do not want to go for affiliate marketing on your blog, you can sell digital products like eBooks, online courses, workshops, plugins, themes, or apps for making money.



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