How to Identify White Hat SEO from Black Hat SEO

How to Identify White Hat SEO from Black Hat SEO

Difference between White Hat & Black Hat SEO

White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO promotes the tactics that do not violate the policies or terms & conditions of search engines in order to gain high rankings. It is the completely opposite strategy of Black Hat SEO. It uses all those practices or strategies that help you in improving the search engine rankings without compromising the integrity of your website and abiding by the rules of search engines. Implementing the White Hat SEO techniques is the efficient and effective way to create a sustainable and ethical website for your business. You have no fear of being caught by Google for using illegal practices.

Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO refers to the idea of using certain set of practices that increase your website rank in search engines by using illegal way or by violating the terms and services of search engines. The world of SEO is quite large and it has maintained clear rules and policies to follow in order to ensure a safe, relevant, and useful environment for the users. In order to get high ranking in search engines, you constantly need to update your website with the new changes the algorithms.

Why to Prefer White Hat SEO over Black Hat SEO

When we talk about White Hat versus Black Hat, the white Hat SEO always wins. It provides sustainable and long lasting results to increase the rankings, domain authority, and status of your website. Unfortunately, there are websites that use Black Hat SEO techniques to boost up their rankings. Rankings earned from Black Hat SEO do not last long and Google detects them after a short period of time and changes it algorithms. When you use Black Hat SEO techniques, your website gets banned by Google and other search engines.

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