Can Your Website Handle a Spike in Traffic?

Can Your Website Handle a Spike in Traffic?

Can Your Website Handle a Spike in Traffic?

Almost all of the business owners desire to have a lot of traffic on their websites as it increases the chances of turning visitors into customers. However, there are situation s when the increase in traffic becomes a threat for a website and affect the functionality as well as the performance of the website.

There comes a time when certain website gets viral and a lot of people visit it from time to time. In such situation, no matter how well you have optimized your website, if it is unable to manage large traffic volume, you would get more harm than advantage. When the server of your website gets overloaded with a lot of requests, it may slow down the site efficiency or page loading speed if you have not updated it with your current needs.

How to Prepare Your Website for Handling a Spike in Traffic

If you know that your website will going to have a lot of traffic, at a certain period of time, it is good to change the settings of your websites according to the latest needs. In order to control the spike in traffic in an efficient way, you can consider the following points:

  1. Keep the resources of your server scalable

You should always go for a hosting plan that is flexible to allow you a scale up in bandwidth or storage according to your need. Never go for the hardcoded hosting plans as it will not be able to handle a spike in traffic.


  1. Monitor the traffic capacity of your website

If you are confused about choosing the right hosting plan for your website, the good suggestion is to monitor the traffic capacity of your website using some quality website monitoring service. You will get your final answer about the right hosting plan in a short time.

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