Blog Posts in 2018 Best Length for SEO?

Blog Posts in 2018 Best Length for SEO?

Search engines wait for no one. They do not wait for your website to get optimized and stop their ranking algorithms for you. So, you have to maintain the pace of your website according to them. Your blog posts are an important factor in determining the search engine rankings of your website. Your content should contain high quality and valuable information in order to get indexed by search engines.
Best Length for SEO Blog Post in 2018
Nowadays, if you want Google to consider your article, you should write a blog post of at least 1500 words. Google do not give much importance to the blog posts that contain few words. In order to get good rankings in search engines, you should write a detailed and valuable post that contains unique content and can become a source of information for the user. If your blog posts are less than 1500 words, you would have to spend a lot of time in doing SEO for those post for the purpose of higher search engine rankings.
Rules of a Good Blog Post
Here are certain rules of a good blog post listed down that you should never ignore while writing the one for your own website. Let’s have a look at them:

Top Quality Content
There is no substitute of writing good quality content on your website. Top quality content keeps you in a long-term competition with your competitors and builds the reputation of your website.

Avoid keyword stuffing
Never use a lot of keywords in your blog post. It is considered as a black hat SEO technique and does not benefit you in the long term.

Use most searched keywords
When you use the best and accurate SEO Keywords in a several numbers of highlighted areas of your website, they increase your chances of getting top rank in search engines.

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