Are .Co Domains Just a Fad

Are .Co Domains Just a Fad

What are .Co Domains?

The .Co domains basically refer to “commercial” domains that companies are using for creating a unique and versatile domain name for their business. The .Co domains has become a new trend because every business wants to look special and is trying to go for the ways that can make them stand out among their competitors. Many people believe that these .Co domains are nothing more than a short lived craze and they will end up soon. On the other hand, there are people who believe that these domains are quite a versatile way of getting the attention of customers. These domains can help in successful brand awareness as well as recognition of the businesses without even making a huge lot of investment.

Why .Co domains are Trending

This ongoing debate about .Co domains is being discussed on every popular forum or platform. Let’s check out some advantages of having a .Co domain for your business:

1. They are easily available
Many business prefer to have .Co domain for their business as the .com domain is hardly available. The .com domain has come a long time ago thus many people have benefitted from it by choosing a short and engaging names for their business. That is why, most of the innovative domain name are usually not available on .com as they are already surrounded by some other business. In order to keep out this .com hassle, many businesses prefer to choose .Co domain for their services.

2. They are catchy and innovative
The .Co domain extension includes a wide access and is considered global y the Google. It can be accessed anywhere in the world thus companies are using this as a great choice. The .Co domain names are usually short and catchy thus attract the attention of visitors.

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