8 Types of Negative Reviews Google will Remove

8 Types of Negative Reviews Google will Remove

If you visit Google My Business forum, you will frequently see threads and themes from the business owners who want request Google to remove their negative reviews present on their website. You will soon realize that there are cases in which you cannot do anything about the reviews even if they are negative because they are not breaking the Google review guidelines in anyway.

But, it does not mean that people can post any type of negative reviews on the products or services on company. Google has published strict guidelines about the professional ways of making reviews and if someone breaks those rules, Google remove that review from the website.

What are the 8 Types of Negative Reviews that Google Removes?

1. Racist Reviews
Google does not entertain any kind of racist reviews that people made on the website and immediately deletes them.

2. Repetitive Reviews
It has become a trend these days to destroy the reputation of your competitor’s company by making negative reviews on their site. Google removes all those type of reviews that are same in nature and are present on different websites.

3. Same individual, multiple profile reviews
Usually Google strictly checks for duplicate account that are created by the same person and removes all the reviews that are given by the individual.

4. Fake reviews
If Google finds a profile that is intentionally giving bad reviews to your website and excellent reviews to your competitor’s website, it removes those kind of reviews.

5. Mistakenly given reviews
When people inform Google about the negative review that they have given to a website mistakenly while thinking it to be some other website, Google removes those reviews.

6. Negative reviews for multiple locations
If a person makes negative reviews about the same business that is present on different locations, Google deletes those reviews.

7. Review about current or former employees
Google does not allow people to leave a negative review about the current or former employee of your company.

8. Controversial reviews
If a profile makes a lot of controversial reviews on some website, Google removes those reviews.

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